Our Story

We (Stubazaar) started when our founder realized that students are selling their books in scrap instead of giving them to other students for free.  Then he decided to launch Stubazaar.  During the lockdown he came back to his village in Someshwar and started Stubazaar here as well with our co-founder Nikita.

Our one and only purpose is to help other students buy books for very low cost and sell books to other students instead of giving them in scrap. In every situation we are here to help & Empower students.

Meet The Team

  • Dheeraj Mehra

    Founder & CEO

  • Nikita Mehra

    Co-Founder & CMO

  • Raina Rawal

    Customer Acquisition Lead

  • Anchal Rana

    Product Manager

  • Kumkum Bisht

    HR Lead

  • Neha Bisht

    Sales Lead

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Someshwar Valley, India

Stubazaar is the brand of StuMart Private Limited